Sunday, July 22, 2007

About me

My name is Jennifer, I'm 29 years old I live in the Bronx NY with my boyfriend Frank & our 2 dogs, Shea a tea cup Yorkie & Lexi a Rotti Mix. I work full time as a Licensed Practical Nurse in a nursing home. I've been in the health field for the past 10 years.
I was sitting on the computer shopping on ebay & saw a "Buy it now or Best offer" on a sewing machine. I had just received a shirt in the mail that was handmade & thought "I could do that". For the heck of it I submitted a low best offer, not truly thinking they would accept....they did. Long story short, machine came, took a class on how to thread it & some basics, & here we are 2 years later "Jens Scrubs N Stuff".
After months of practice making scrub tops for myself & co-workers, I started selling them on ebay. I also started making a bunch of other things, window valances, accessories, pet bandannas, tote bags... After a ton of requests from customers asking if I could personalize their purchases it got me thinking about an embroidery machine. I started doing research on them & saw the beautiful things that could be done with one, I really wanted one. Frank bought me one for Christmas & now everything around the house gets embroidered.
A few months ago I found out about etsy. What a great community etsy has! I had to be a part of it. If you go to it will give you the links to both shops, ebay & etsy, and my photobucket so you can see pictures of the things I do. If you see something at photobucket you like that isn't listed in either shop, email me at & I will be more than happy to get it up for you if I have the supplies needed.
Frank wants to go to TGIF's for dinner & I need to go get ready. Thanks for stopping by!

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