Sunday, August 26, 2007

Closed my feebay store

Ever since I joined etsy I've abandoned my ebay store. I still had some stuff listed but I barely ever logged in & barely ever listed stuff. I would only list stuff I knew would sell if I wanted to buy myself something & needed extra cash (like my new sewing machine...I use my paypal $$ for my sewing hobby too). I finally made a decision that it was time to close the ebay store & focus all my time with etsy...which I was doing anyway LOL!. I closed it this evening but I wanted to make sure I could re-open it if I wanted to 6 months down the road. They told me their servers save the info (like the store's name/URL) for 30 days & if I wanted to reopen after that I could as long as someone else doesn't use the name.

I just did a survey with ebay as to why I closed my store....basically my answer was "Lower Fees"!

So now I'm all etsy!! Yea!!

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