Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Win a wallet- Rename my store

As I mentioned before, I closed my ebay store "Jens Scrubs N Stuff". Since I really HATE that name I want to change my store's name all together, something shorter. I started with that name at ebay because I was only making scrub tops & auctioning non-handmade stuff. Then, since I wanted to branch out, I opened everything else with that name. At etsy my user ID is Jenni4 not realizing that would be my store's name, I thought it would just be my user ID like at ebay. Oh well, not a big deal...I plan to keep jensscrubsnstuff.com for a year since I have pens & business cards out there floating around but I would like to get a new domain & change my store's name to something I like.

****I would love some suggestions for a new store name (which will be my new domain) from anyone. I sew, & I make bags, embroider, nurses uniforms (scrub tops), wallets....well you can check out my store http://jenni4.etsy.com/ & I'm sure I'll be adding all sorts of sewn stuff in the future so I want a name that will allow that.

If I use one of your names, I will make you a card holder/wallet (like below) with the fabric of your choice (
http://s135.photobucket.com/albums/q122/jen4t25/Fabric/ or http://www.flickr.com/photos/jtstitches (they both basically have the same pics). Domain needs to be available (as a .com). My initials are JT & I really don't like the name "Jenny", I prefer Jen or Jennifer. Please post your entries here.****

I would really appreciate any help!


joeyandaleethea said...

Would you still want to keep your name in your shop? If so then how about something with your name, but also more general so that you aren't locking into one product, for example, something like "JenniSews"? Or maybe something with the word handmade in it? Maybe "HandmadeByJenni". Ooh...I like that one. Hehe. :D

Jen said...

entry from Sue from etsy forum:

tackybackintime says:
Tried to leave a comment at no avail. I'm going to list my name ideas here:






muffintopdesigns said...

here are mine"

JT's Stitchery/The JT Stitchery

Eye of the Needle


JT Needle Arts

The Itch to Stitch

The Threaded Needle

Guess I should stop and go back to work, huh?

Good luck with this, hunny!

xoxox cy

Susan, Frank, and Sophie said...

You've got some really good suggestions so far!

How about these:


(I like punny phrases, can you tell?)

-Susan (SimplySusan)

muffintopdesigns said...

Maybe "Shiver Me Thimbles"?

"Habdashery And Tomfoolery"? Oh wait, that has nothing to do with sewing...

Sabreena said...

How about 'Sew in Love'? :)

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Well, I could only think of one name, and I dont think it's been listed yet... but, how about...

Stitchin' Jen

??? Okay, that's all I got! Lol.

Good Luck!




CB said...

How about
Read your profile about your puppies.

That's all I got.

muffintopdesigns said...

JT Stitches?

Thread the Needle?

Counting the Stitches?

Sorry I keep hogging...

xoxo cy from muffintop