Sunday, September 30, 2007

TGI Sunday

I'm so glad it's Sunday! I work in a nursing home full time & the full timers have to work every other weekend. So I hate *weekends* when it's my weekend to work, especially now with this new job. I work 13 hour shifts 7 am to 8 pm so my weekend is totally shot. I am so glad when it's over! I only work 3 days a week but when my weekends come....YUCK!
So far my new etsy shop is going well (knock on wood). What I'm planning on doing differently with this shop than my other etsy shop is I'm going to make the items first then list them. With my other shop is I would make all my items after payment. My scrub tops & embroidered items will continue to be made after payment since they are custom made. I like this idea better that way I can ship it right away & the customer doesn't have to wait for me to make it....I HATE waiting on stuff I bought, so I figure that's how other feel too.
I'm going to be a very busy gal this week, I have an order for 9 Scrub tops! Very cool. This is an order I got from (
Wow, I gotta go back to work, break is over. I'll be back later.

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