Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Just venting!

I'm just venting here.
I'm the type of person that waits last minute for everything! I don't know why I do it I just do. This is my first Holiday/Christmas selling on Etsy. I've been selling on eBay for a while & I know how the holidays get. Etsy has been pretty slow for me (compared to selling on eBay) which I like. If I didn't work a full time job & selling was my only income I wouldn't be too happy. When I was selling on eBay there were times it was more of a "job" I had to do, I would get a ton of orders at once so I had no life, it was *work -> come home & sew -> sleep -> & do it all over again*. When I came to Etsy, sales were slower but I was able to enjoy sewing & creating new, I made a little extra money to pay for my hobby....Etsy was perfect for me!
The holidays are here & I was so NOT ready. I guess since we've been having such beautiful weather here in NY it didn't feel like Christmas was coming. If I was smart I would of started my own personal Christmas gifts before Thanksgiving that way I would be able to have lots of things listed in my Etsy shop for the Holiday shoppers. But nooooo....of course I didn't. I didn't even start. So now what I had to do is remove a bunch of listings, especially the ones that take a really long time to make. I still have the already made items listed & of course my favorite, the "iCozy". I have to keep my iCozy up for those people that's buying an iPhone, iTouch or iPod for for someone for Christmas--it's a perfect match! I'm really mad at myself for having to remove things but I would really like to make a few of my gifts. So at the moment I'm finishing up a few orders I did get & hope I'll finish my Christmas gifts in time. Knowing me I'll be up Christmas eve & just starting!
Thanks for letting me vent!

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