Sunday, February 3, 2008

Robots.txt Redirect

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FINALLY! FINALLY! FINALLY!!! I finally got it! Ok, let me explain.

When I go to someones page on Blogger/Blogspot I would get redirected to a page like this. It didn't happen to every page on Blogger but it happened often & I could never figure out why! The blog would come up but then a second later, after the page fully loads BAM! it would redirect & I couldn't read the person's blog. I've tried googling for the answer for a while but never could find the answer. It only happened on my laptop, it didn't happen on my cell phone or my PC. When I didn't find the answer I would just let it go & do something else. Then a few days later I would try & read a blog>get redirected>google for the answer again>didn't get the answer & gave up. Well tonight was different!!! I went to a blog, got redirected, googled.....but this time I got the answer!!!!

On the right of the Google search there is a "What's this", I never clicked on it before, I guess I should of. Well when you open that it says something like:
"This page .................... This program can be uninstalled from the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs. Look for the application named "Browser Address Error Redirector" "URL Assistant" or "GoogleAFE"

Well, I went to Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs>Change/Remove Programs>Which will have the list of "Currently Installed Programs"
All the way towards the bottom was "URL Assistant". I removed that, deleted cookies, files, history & all that good stuff, restarted my computer (not sure if it was necessary but I did) & it doesn't happen!! (Knock on wood).
I am so happy!! The few blogs I could never read before I can now!! It seems like it happens to Dell computers using Internet Explorer. I'm just so happy, this has been MONTHS of annoyance!


Lana said...

Awesome! So glad you finally found the answer. I had also searched for the answer to your problem, but hadn't been able to find an answer that I could understand. Now I know what to do if it ever happens to me!


Stormy Designs said...

I'm glad you finally figured it out :-)

BellaDio said...

Congratulations. That would bug the fire out of me, too.