Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Save the date card....maybe?

Save the date card....maybe?
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I'm planning on making my own Save the Date cards for our wedding. I've never done any paper crafting so this is going to be tough. While searching for templates online I found this one & I love it..... plus it's my color, sage! I have printed one out & it prints pretty good although the picture I took of it made the coloring off, the flash washed it out. I added a few rhinestones & glued (the wrong color) green poster board to the back to make a boarder.
Save the date...testing

I'm just not sure if it looks that great, I need to get some suggestions from others about the format, fonts, font color & size....and stuff like that.
But hay, it's a start!

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SimplySusan said...

I think it's beautiful! Love the rhinestones, too. I would change the font though. There's one (aptly named) called Nuptial that's sweet and delicate. I like the swirly cursive fonts, but they can be a little too hard to read sometimes. Good luck getting it done! You're off to a good start. :)

- Susan