Thursday, July 24, 2008

iPhone 3G

I left off in my last post on Monday at 9:42 am that I was going to keep calling the Apple Store until I could find one. Well that is exactly what I did...I called all the Apple Stores that were approx 1 hour from me in the Bronx. None of them had any until at about 3:45pm the 5th Ave store got them back in (the one I was at at 7am that morning). I jumped back in my car to the subway & went back down. There was a long line & I figured it would maybe take about 2 or so hours...
177/365 July 21, 2008
...WRONG! I was there for 5 hours. If I knew I was going to be there that long I would have never stayed. But whatever, I have my beautiful iPhone 3G white 16gb
My new iPhone 3G
Of course Frank was dying to jailbreak it so he did
My jailbroken 3G

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