Tuesday, July 1, 2008

WW- Made 10%

144/365 June 18, 2008- Made 10%
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After 7 weeks on weight watchers I made my 10% losing 17lbs! I have been taking pictures of myself every 2 weeks to "see" my progress but I am too embarrassed to post it here because of the "week 1" picture.....maybe one day I will but it wasn't that long ago so I just can't. I really love weight watchers & I highly recommended to anyone that wants to lose weight. I'm sure they way I'm doing the program isn't really the recommended way but so far it has been working for me...
I've had a total of between 24-20 points a day (your points change as you lose weight) and you get an extra 35 points per week & you can only use them that week so if you don't use them you lose them & get a new 35 points. Every week (10am on Wednesday) I go to WW to get weighted (on an empty stomach with a light t-shirt, the same jeans & shoes- so I know it isn't my clothes)....after the meeting is my "free day"-- I use all my daily points PLUS my 35 points, if I can't have a Twix bar, Burger King whopper or any other fattening food I won't stay on a diet. If I know that on Wednesday I can have those things & keep it to only 1 day a week I can do it. All the other days I really try & do things the weight watchers way-- I try & drink lots of water, fruits, salads, which is completely different than what I was doing before. So far so good, I just hope I can continue doing well until I reach my goal!

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