Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A BIG Thank you to Julia

I met this wonderful person "Julia" in the etsy forums. The forum was for trading & she contacted me about trading for one of my tote bags. I saw that she does web designs so I asked if she would redo my amateurish web page & make it look good as a trade for the bag she liked. Well she agreed & redid my page, take a look at how great it looks (it really looks like this but my web host has terrible templates I have to use so it altered it a bit). She went above & beyond my expectations, especially in customer service. When I tell you she spent the entire day working with me, I'm not exaggerating (my web host was the problem & she was trying to help me with it). I just told her what I had in mind & she put it all together but 100 times better. I really love the work she did & if you are looking for someone to do a web design, she is your person. She also has some really pretty jewelry, art & etsy web banners, check out her shop You will be very happy with her work!!
"Julia, I can't thank you enough!"

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Julia Catherine said...

Aww thanks hun! Im so glad your happy with your webdesign! Darn that web host though. It does look tons better on
It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to receiving my bag! Thanks for posting this in your blog.
Julia Catherine