Monday, August 13, 2007

Shipping being delayed this week...

I just want to say that since Saturday 8/11 I've been very sick. I don't normally have asthma but when I get a simple cold, like a cough, I get VERY bad asthma where I can't walk a couple feet without being severely short of breath. Anything that was ordered since last Wednesday or Thursday will be shipped this Wednesday. Last thurs & fri I worked a 13 hour shift so I'm tired when I get home & unable to do any sewing. I'm off this Wednesday 8/15 & I'm sure (and hoping) I will feel better by then. I'm working tomorrow (Tuesday) a 13 hour shift & hopefully I'll make it, it's a new job so I can't call in sick.

NEW ORDERS AS OF MONDAY 8/13-There will most likely be a short delay in shipping any new orders. You can email me for an approximate time frame but it may be about a week.

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