Wednesday, September 19, 2007 I got 2 sales! New item iPhone Case

Wow, this was a shocker....I signed up for a few weeks ago & I just got 2 sales within 3 days. Both sales were for Scrub tops. I was starting to think ebay was the only place for my scrub tops since they don't really sell on etsy. I almost forgot all about That was really cool.

As I mentioned before I got an iPhone which I love. I never like the store bought cases & since I like to keep it in my bag I needed to make a cover for it. So I got corny & embroidered "iJen" with music notes on it since Apple has "i" in front of everything. I posted one on etsy &, I can make it for your iPod too. The velcro closure is a bit un-straight because it was for me & I was on my way out so I wanted to get it done, yours won't look like that, it will be neater.

You can find them in my shops: or for $9.99.
I also have up a gift certificate. Chose your price & I will get a listing up for you. It is so hard to shop for people so let them choose what they want. What makes it even better is if they don't see something at either or from my photos, I always take custom orders so you can't go wrong. I make a bunch of different things so they are bound to find something. Email me if you have any questions.