Saturday, September 22, 2007

My NEW Etsy Shop

Wow, have I had a lot of changes in the past month....
I've been thinking of doing this for a while & thought I should do it now, so I did. When I signed up for Etsy in April I choose the user name "Jenni4" because it sounds like "Jennifer" (Jenni-fer) & that's how I picked it. I HATE the name Jenny & that is what I'm always getting called. I thought that would *just* be my user ID and my shop & shop's URL would be something different, like ebay. Of course I didn't read everything & it does say as clear as day during registration that it will be your shop's name & URL, duh! Since I renamed my shop & got a new domain, I decided to open a new etsy shop & I will eventually fade out I want everything to be the same name. Since my sold & feedback numbers are low anyway I'm not really loosing much.
I will let everything at the Jenni4 shop end on its own . I will relist & list all new stuff at the new Jtstitches shop. It would make life so much easier if Etsy would just let us change our user name. But hey, I'm very happy with Etsy so I will deal with the *little* unimportant things.

If you have hearted my Jenni4 shop, I would love for you to heart me at the JTstitches shop. If you have any suggestions for me to make this switch smooth & successful I would appreciate that.

GET 10% OFF- If you see something you like at, let me know before you buy it & I will list it at my new shop with 10% off. I need to get my reputation up at my new shop ;)
I wish I could give a better discount but almost all my stuff isn't made yet & will be made after payment.

Have a great weekend!

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