Saturday, November 3, 2007

Etsy shop Dottral

One lady you need to check out is Dottyral. She has everything set up so nice, from her photos, shop, blog...!
She is one of my contacts on flickr Dottyral. I really enjoy looking at her photos & reading their descriptions. First off, the pictures are taken very well--bright & clear. I like the customer appreciation set, it's nice to see what customers do with your items & vice verse. She is a very talented crafter--she does crocheting, pin cushions, buttons, jewelry, accessories & so many other things. Check out her photos, you'll see what I mean. I just bought a ring pin cushion made with a really pretty "black & white ironwork" pattern, can't wait till it comes!
You also need to check out Dottyral's Blog. She features other great etsy shops & updates about her shop. One of the reasons I love etsy so much is its community. I love that etsians help each other out instead of competing with each other, and you will find this love at Dotty's blog. I know the next thing I plan to buy from her is this crocheted hat, one of my favorite colors too!

The holidays are coming so check outDottyral's etsy shop! She has so many different things & great prices, you'll find something for someone!

Update: I received my pin cushion ring & it is awesome! I use the really long pins & the ring has metal at the base which prevents the pins from going thru. This ring is very well made & is super cute! I love it! Thanks Dotty!

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Dotty said...

Jen, thanks so much for the feature and the kind words!! Your blog is terrific!