Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Sewing Room

I like seeing pictures of peoples work area & then look at their shop to see the items they sell, it's pretty cool. For a while now I've been planning on getting some pictures up of my sewing room on flickr. So today there was an Etsy thread about peoples work area so I got up off the couch, took pictures & uploaded them to flickr. I live in a small one bedroom apartment. When I first started sewing 2 years ago I only had one machine, very few notions, fabric...& had my set up in the living room. It was all good until I fell in love with this hobby & got better--my supplies started building up & I had to move into the dining room which I made my sewing room. My dining room, A.K.A Sewing room, has 3 machines, a long banquet table next to my old dining room table, lots of fabric in bins, shelves of supplies, notions & other various sewing stuff. I also have a 2 big narrow bins of fabric to slide under my bed & my seasonal fabric (holidays) are kept at my parents house. I can't wait to get a house! I already told my boyfriend that the house has to have a sewing room, and I told my Dad to get ready to build a wide wrap around table, shelves & an ironing board I can fold up to the wall when I'm not using it (my ironing board takes up so much space in that little room, I don't have it out in these pictures)...I have it all my ideas in my head.
Come check out my Sewing Room!

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Susan, Frank, and Sophie said...

I am SOOO jealous of your craft room. I saw these pics on your flickr a while back and I just drooled. I'd give anything to have my own work space! And a well-lit one at that. Lucky girl! :) It looks so nice!