Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Notebook!!!

I finally bought myself a new laptop!! Last year I made the mistake of buying a laptop on ebay. I had bought a brand new Dell (I think 1501) sealed box with a 1 year warranty thru Dell. The laptop worked great until about a month or so ago. I had RAM added because it was so slow & Frank knew a guy at work that can do it cheap, so I had it done. It seems like ever since then the laptop went down hill. I kept getting "the blue screen of death"
Why am I getting this?Blue Screen. WHY?
At first it didn't happen all the time, then all of a sudden it started happening daily, sometimes a few times a day. But other than that the laptop worked great.
Then I started getting this screen My laptop is falling apart :(
This screen would come on as soon as I turned the laptop on. It says the battery cannot be identified & the system will be unable to charge. I would push any key & the laptop would start up fine. Another odd thing is the battery holds the charge fine, the clock, the date is set right. I just don't know what is going on, it was time for a new laptop.
I did a little research online to get an idea of what I wanted & went off to Best Buy, PC Richards & Circuit City. Best Buy was the first stop & is where I decided on the HP Pavilion dv2000 My new toy!!! My sister has the same laptop & she is happy with it. Of course they were all out & was expecting it the next day on the shipment. Now I'm very impatient & don't want to wait so I we went to PC Richards. They had it but we must of read the price wrong (you will see why in a minute). It was listed for $999 with $200 "mail in" rebates so it would be the same as Best Buy in the end. Best Buy had it for $800, the rebate was instant. The man said they were mail in rebates so we said "screw that" and left. So we went to Circuit City & they didn't have it either but they were selling it for about the same price as Best Buy. Being I wanted this laptop & wouldn't be able to pick it up the next day at Best Buy I went back to PC Richards. I figured I'll just have to do the mail in rebates to get my $200 back, it will all be the same price in the end, right? Wrong!! Come to find out we read the tag all wrong. Yeah there are 2 rebates but that was on top of the $850 (marked down from $999) I had to pay up front. I paid $850 (only $50 more than Best Buy) AND I get $200 in rebates, one was for $50 the other is $150!! So in the end I'm paying $650 for the same laptop I would of paid $800 for!!!! I'm so glad I went back!! So funny how things work out.
Now I just have to get things transferred to this laptop & get used to Vista. I really like how it's nice & small. It is much smaller than the Dell so I can bring it with me. The screen is so much nicer too, nice & clear. I can't believe the BIG difference in memory compared to my Dell that is only a year old. The Dell is a 60GB & this HP is 160GB. I know Vista takes more memory but that is really a big difference. My 160GB is kind of on the low to average side too, many went up to 200+. The other thing that was important was the option to add more RAM, it comes with 2GB & can add up to 4GB. This time not have "some guy" do it. I also really like the web cam, I'd like to spy on my dogs while I'm at work to see what they do all day. I have no clue how to do that yet.
I just wanted to write a post since I haven't blogged in a while. I'm gonna be very busy the next couple weeks, I'm doing my first flea market on April 6th & April 20th. I will be in Brooklyn NY at the Brooklyn Flea, I will post again about it. So I'll be busy getting items ready for it.


Anonymous said...

160 gigs = storage

2 gigs= memory

your hard drive is not referred to as "memory"

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