Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Reception Hall

We found a reception hall. It was really difficult to find somewhere since we only have 6 months to plan. Everywhere we called was booked for October 11, 2008 as most people plan their wedding for at least year. The other day my Mom & I went to a couple places that were available 10/11/08 & I fell in love with this one place "Antun's of Westchester"

Anyone I spoke to that went there said it was a beautiful place (maybe they were just saying that because my wedding will be there). Hope we have a nice day so we can take nice pictures in the gazebo & bridge. They gave me & Frank a coupon for a free buffet which they have every Sunday, this will be the only way to check out their food since they're not a restaurant. Hope the food is good or we are screwed. This place basically does everything for you which is included in price like the flowers & centerpieces, place cards (but we gotta fill them out), directions (all already printed), beer (including bottled), "top shelf" liquor, the cake and other little details I can't think of right now. I really lucked out with this place being available that day.
Well I'm off to meet my Mom & Sister (also my maid of honor) to look at dresses.

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